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Ally Training

We about know about bias in the workplace, what can we do to stop it? How do become effective champions for healthy workplaces?  The Ally Skills Workshop teaches simple everyday ways to support a culture of inclusion within your organization and learn why some groups are lacking representation in your sector. 

Research indicates women’s careers tend to stall at the midway point. Navigating gender stereotypes and unconscious bias in the workplace can leave women feeling isolated.  


This workshop teaches women how to apply strategic communications approaches to support their career goals. 


  • Become more comfortable and effective at self-promotion

  • Position yourself for recognition

  • Build strategic alliances and allies

  • Be heard at meetings and on committees

  • Engage mentors and sponsors to advance your career

Overcoming Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Diverse teams challenge stale ways of thinking and sharpen performance. Learn how to break entrenched organizational thinking and overcome unconscious bias pitfalls for better business outcomes and improved performance. 


Heighten consciousness: Learning how our brains manage information is essential to understanding the impact of unconscious bias in business.  


Examine your unconscious biases:  Examining their own unconscious biases through targeted exercises will allow participants to learn more about the different types of biases and learn to question long-held assumptions.


Learn from others:  Participants will work together to explore their understanding of the role of bias in their organizational decision and learn better navigate the pitfalls of unconscious bias in their workplace.


Plan for change: The final module will bring all the elements together as participants plan for change. 



Equity Diversity and Inclusion Strategies For Leaders


Setting the foundation for workplace diversity: The group will engage in a hands-on exercise that helps managers to establish a baseline of data and metrics to build a diversity profile of their organizations. The exercise will examine approaches for improving outcomes in recruitment, performance reviews, candidate selection, promotion, and people management.

Achieving Equity: In this interactive group, exercise participants will be exposed to the impacts of institutionalized discrimination and privilege on the career paths of certain groups and communities and an overview of best practice engagement strategies.


Building Workable Solutions: Participants will review two operational diversity frameworks case studies and will form working groups to review their applicability to their own teams and share new ideas.

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